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Wax Dyes

Powdered Wax Dyes from Auroradyz

Professional strength dyes for the serious wax melt maker!  Extremely concentrated dye, a little goes a long way! 

Powdered wax dyes are what all other wax colors are made from.  You can use this as a powder or make your own solid wax color blocks.  

Usage can vary from as little as .01% for a light shade, to .05% for a dark shade. Start with the smallest amount necessary and add more to darken the color if needed.  Use a toothpick tip for coloring small amounts of wax.   
Add straight to your heated wax -OR- try dissolving the powder dyes in Stearic Acid prior to adding to wax -OR- blending with fragrance oil will help with dispersion and help reduce undissolved particles in the wax.

You can color your wax with our Neon Color, our Mica & you can embellish your melts with our glitter!  The possibilities are endless.