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Acid Red Dye

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Acid Red 18 - Super strength Concentrated Granular Dye

*Bright Christmas red

  • Available in multiple sizes. 
  • All dyes currently come in bags.
  • All dyes come with a .15cc measuring scoop.
  • Form: Granular

Form: Granular

CI Name: Acid Red 18

CI Number: 16255

CAS Number: 2611-82-7

👉👉Please do not try and use this dye for candles. This is a water soluble dye, and is not suitable for candle wax.

How to dissolve your dye

This is a water soluble dye and should be dissolved in water & mixed thoroughly before use.  Add small amount of hot water to a condiment cup. Use a tiny spoon (like a 0.15cc mica spoon) to transfer dye to the condiment cup. Stir with tiny whisk until it’s fully dissolved.

Colors for bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, whipped soap & any other project that is water based.

For use in bath bombs & bubble bars, you will need to bloom your colors in baking soda.

Color Blooming

Pour the dissolved & mixed dye into your desired amount of baking soda. Use some of the baking soda to "wipe out" the condiment cup so no dye is wasted. The baking soda soaks up the dissolved dye easily. Use the bloomed baking soda in your recipe. You can bloom just what you need or you can bloom a larger amount for future use.

*Poly 80 is not required, but please do your own testing.

**Use this dye for personal cosmetic care and cosmetic gift items only. The FDA has not approved these colors for cosmetic items for sale in the USA. These colors are EU/UK cosmetic compliant and are safe.


Wylde Thyme Studio is a distributor for Aurora Dyz. Your product will come labeled with Aurora Dyz label.  For additional information please visit Aurora Dyz

 MSDS Sheet - Acid Red 18

Cosmetic Color Additives & Fact Sheet - FDA