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Blue Bio Glitter

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Blue Bio Glitter

Bring some eco-friendly sparkle to your creations. Bio-Glitter is made from film derived from eucalyptus trees. Our cosmetic Bio-Glitters can be used in cosmetics and wax melts but are not recommended for use in candles.  This glitter is not to be used with food items.

👉👉This is not an airbrush glitter and should not be used as such.  Please do not try to airbrush with this glitter.  Please use gold, silver or fine silver airbrush glitter.  You can also airbrush with mica powder.

Wylde Thyme Studio is a distributor for Aurora Dyz. Your product will come labeled with Aurora Dyz label. For additional information and MSDS information, please visit:

📌📌 FDA site for your reference:

Our Bio-Glitter is suitable for use in cosmetics in accordance with The Environmental Protection (Microbeads) (England) Regulations 2017