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Neon Blue Soap Dye

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Neon Blue Soap Colorant - Super Strong Concentrated Powdered Dye 

  • All colorants currently come in bags.
  • All Colorants come with a .15cc measuring scoop.
  • Non Bleeding
  • Form: Powder

 Our neon pigments are extremely versatile, allowing for super vibrant color or pastel shades, dependent upon usage rates, making them a fantastic value for money. Neon pigments are also stable in cold process, hot process and melt & pour soap, making them an excellent choice to achieve those clean and colorful swirls.

🚫Do not use this for bath bombs for personal use. This dye contains ultramarine blue which will make your bath bombs and bath water smell like sulfur. It is for wash off products only. Soap & Scrubs

How to dissolve your dye

This is an oil soluble dye.

Cold process soap: Disperse in oil- add desired amount to a small portion of your oils.

Melt & Pour soap: Disperse in vegetable glycerine before adding to melted soap.

You may add small amount of oil to a condiment cup. Use a tiny spoon (like a 0.15cc mica spoon) to transfer dye to the condiment cup. Stir with tiny whisk until it’s fully dissolved.

Powdered colors for soaps, whipped soap, scrubs & any other project wash off and/or oil based.


Wylde Thyme Studio is a distributor for Aurora Dyz. Your product will come labeled with Aurora Dyz label.  For additional information please visit Aurora Dyz. 

MSDS Sheet - Neon Blue Soap Dye

Cosmetic Color Additives & Fact Sheet - FDA