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Neon Purple Soap Dye

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Neon Purple Soap Dye - Super Strong Concentrated Powdered Dye

  • Available in 10g size. 
  • All colorants currently come in bags.
  • All Colorants come with a .15cc measuring scoop.
  • Non Bleeding
  • Form: Powder

 Our neon pigments are extremely versatile, allowing for super vibrant color or pastel shades, dependent upon usage rates, making them a fantastic value for money. Neon pigments are also stable in cold process, hot process and melt & pour soap, making them an excellent choice to achieve those clean and colorful swirls.

How to dissolve your dye

This is an oil soluble dye.

Cold process soap: Disperse in oil- add desired amount to a small portion of your oils.

Melt & Pour soap: Disperse in vegetable glycerin before adding to melted soap.

You may add small amount of oil to a condiment cup. Use a tiny spoon (like a 0.15cc mica spoon) to transfer dye to the condiment cup. Stir with tiny whisk until it’s fully dissolved.

Powdered colors for soaps, whipped soap, scrubs & any other project wash off and/or oil based.


Wylde Thyme Studio is a distributor for Aurora Dyz. Your product will come labeled with Aurora Dyz label.  For additional information please visit Aurora Dyz. 

MSDS Sheet - Neon Purple Soap Dye

Cosmetic Color Additives & Fact Sheet - FDA