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Purple Mica Powder

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Purple Mica Powder 

  • Available in multiple sizes. 
  • All mica currently come in bags.
  • All mica comes with a .15cc measuring scoop.
  • Purple Synthetic Mica Powder is approved for lips, eyes, nail polish, wax and soap.
  • Form: Powder

INCI:  Synthetic Fluorphlogopite (Mica)
Colour Index Numbers: CI77891,  CI77861, CI77742
Particle Size: 10-60μm


Synthetic fluorphlogopite is the synthetic version of Mica.  It is one of the components of plastic free glitters, pigments, eyeshadows, etc.  You may see synthetic fluorphlogopite referred to as synthetic mica.

Synthetic mica is made in a lab. It is purer, brighter, more transparent & has better light reflection than natural mica.  It has a more uniform finish which does not contain any sharp edges, making it particularly suitable for makeup products used around the delicate eye area.  The advantage of being synthetic is that it has a more consistent quality, fewer impurities and an even lower heavy metal content than Mica.  


Wylde Thyme Studio is a distributor for Aurora Dyz. Your product will come labeled with Aurora Dyz label.  For additional information please visit Aurora Dyz


MSDS Sheet - Purple Mica Powder


Cosmetic Color Additives & Fact Sheet - FDA