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Stencil Blocker

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Stencil Blocker / Stencil Mask

1 Piece Stencil

• Colored sections in the image are the open sections of the stencil.
• Available in multiple sizes.  Cut on a 5.5" square.
• Fits 5.5" stencil frames.  Will fit your Stencil Genie
• All measurements given are approximate. Stencils are measured at the widest point.

Use these stencils with our Basic Shape Molds for a one of a kind look!

A Stencil Blocker can be used to isolate one part of a stencil or to mask off a portion of your stencil to be the right size for your Bath Bomb or Cookie. Just lay the blocker over the top of your stencil to block off all parts of the stencil except what the stencil blocker leaves open.

Choose from .05" up to 3" in size. Smaller sizes can be used to block off small designs to add just one of the design to accent your project. Larger sizes can be used to block off all patterns but your blocker size to eliminate overspray on your project.



Use these stencils to add some flair to your designs! Can be used for airbrushing, with royal icing or buttercream for decorating, powdered sugar, the possibilities are limitless. Use to decorate cookies, cupcakes, cakes or any of your baked goodies.

You can use stencils on almost any surface or with any media, such as, wood, fabric, ceramics, glass, paint, markers or paper.

. Stencils are cut from a reusable, washable, durable crystal clear plastic that is easy to clean. Stencils are 7mil thick.

• To clean your stencil simply run your stencil under warm water to rinse away any air brush color or icing.
• Use a gentle dish soap if needed, using your fingers to gently rub your stencil, taking care not to bend or rip any delicate parts.
• Pat dry between paper towels or a clean cloth.